Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My home is Der Zoo

When we settled in our house 10 years ago we started to acquire pets. We had a cat named Kika and a leopard gecko named Lizzy and a cockatiel named Rooster. We soon added ducks to our flock a mini holland lop and a parrotlet. We have regular visitors of deer and skunks and the occasional fox and bobcat. There are many wild birds who visit as well. Hummers are a favorite and chickadees are friendly. I will tell more about them in the days ahead as time allows. We started to call our little property "der zoo" because we thought of it as a little zoo. After Kika died, we had nothing but non-cat or dog pets and it seemed even more exotic. That is why I called this blog 'derzoo' At least it will help me to remember where to find it on the net.

I have never kept a journal and I am a little wary of the typing..I have a pretty bad case of tendinitis so my posts will be brief. Hopefully my pictures will provide more entertainment than my prose.

I have been under the weather so I'll stop for now and go to bed. Good night and dream sweet dreams.