Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Week Off

Last week I was home on vacation and I spent many hours in the garden. We now have our tomatoes in the ground and some peppers, spinach, garlic, sugar snaps, lettuce, jalapeƱos, asparagus, collard greens, beets, and fava beans. We plant the favas in winter to add nitrogen back into the soil. I found out a trick that I will implement next year. Just cut the tops off of the plants, leaving the roots in tact. Chop up the greens and flowers and mix them into the soil. Then as you plant your vegetable starts, their roots will follow the same path as the fava roots and the nitrogen release will be slower. We kept some favas alive for eating too. They take a little bit of work but are so good for you.

Naturally, while out in the garden, it is a good time to bring DeDe out to play. I had made her a cardboard clubhouse for indoors but she would have nothing to do with it in the house. After sticking it outside in one of her favorite spots, she started going into it. There is a bed of hay and openings on two sides. She also likes to use the ducks' nest box as a observation station. One day, my son, Brenden took a piece of wood and carved a little sign for the side of the nest box. It reads, 'Quiet, BUN AT WORK' It's quite cute and I could not resist taking my video camera with me to film her 'at work'. The ducks were curious too and the above video is the result of 10 minutes of filming. While getting the shot of her nose twitching, she charged me and bit my arm! Me thinks she is getting rather familiar with her territory and would like to defend it. Now I know that she disapproves of me and has always been plotting an attack. She did not break skin but there were little red marks for at least 48 hours. I made sure to point this out to the guys. I've always thought she was planning something. They think I am silly. What do you think?