Saturday, March 29, 2008

Miserable Ducks

Since we lost Tippy to a red tailed hawk, we have been keeping our ducks in their run unless we venture out to the garden. Then they get to go out and forage. The hawk comes back every now an then to see if we still offer free meals. Poor ducks can hear us when we go out on our deck or open the front door and the hens shout at us "Quack Quack Quack" It's sad and we wish we had a larger pen for them to roam. Another set back is that they mess up their house and run which need to be cleaned more often. Since they don't get to forage as much, I have been getting scraps from Shorty over at Tomales Bay Foods for them. They love the outer leaves of cauliflower and cabbage. I also dig worms from the compost for them. One positive result of having them penned is that we don't have to look for their eggs. They are laying in the nest box and or dropping their load in the run. We are having French toast tomorrow! Duck eggs make great batter. Below is a photo of Loopy after her mud bath. She was preening for such a long time. The perfect white duck.